Alive Museum Singapore


For those who might not have heard about it, the Alive Museum in Singapore will be closing on 30 May 2017. From now till 30 Apr 2017, all tickets are on 50% discount. So check it out before it closes.

Website: Alive Museum Singapore

There are some of the displays…






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March Top 5

Munchies March, lots of food makes it into my top 5!

1. Artichoke


Artichoke served Middle Eastern cuisine which might not suit everyone’s taste. I’m a fan of pita and hummus so when bestie asked if I would like to give it a try, I’m all game for it. We ordered “Give It To Me Baby”. We won’t know what will be served, the chef will decide 6-8 dishes for us. Everything is a surprise, a pleasant surprise.


The Hot Skillet Prawns is my personal favourite. The prawns were super succulent served with cream sauce. A must try!

Website: Artichoke

2. Marks & Spencer Sour Cream & Chilli Lentil Curls


First, the lentil chips are extremely yummy and addictive. I can easily finish 5 packages by myself! See the guilt-free snacking label, it makes snacking more enjoyable 😛

3. Teppei Syokudo


Many of my friends having been raving about Teppei Syokudo but I never tried it. The Four Fingers opposite it (at ION) just keep distracting me. I finally tried it after my colleagues suggested going there for lunch. And I LOVE IT!


The concept is making your own chirashi don. The selection is quite good and the ingredients are very fresh. If you are on a low carb diet, there is an option to choose salad base.

Website: Teppei Syokudo

 4. Fun in the Sun Challenge


Exercising on a weekend is always the most difficult, being out from Monday to Friday just makes me wants to stay at home during the weekends. Activities like this makes exercising on a weekend easier, with a bonus. It’s fun too.

5. Tao Kae Noi Seaweed Tempura


Another chips makes it to my top 5. Seaweed tempera is not something new and I used to like it during my university days. Back then, my favourite flavour was tomato seaweed. The craving just hit me suddenly and I’m always in the hunt to get the original style (which is my favourite!).

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Healthy Day Out

masth-challenge5.jpgSentosa Nature Trail: Fort Siloso

The 2nd National Step Challenge event that I have participated and this time at Sentosa. It was of a bigger scale than the 1st one I went to at Bishan Park.

This “scavenger hunt” style game lets you explore the wonders of the Nature Heritage Trail around Fort Siloso and win attractive prizes at the same time.

Simply follow the map on your ‘Game card’ and find as many checkpoints and complete as many activity stations as possible to win!

001I forgot to take a photo of the game card but this should give you an idea on the area we covered.

Now, follow us through the 10 checkpoints…





From this point onward, we checked in backwards…







It took us around 1 hour to complete the whole route. Not that bad considering the time we spent at each stop taking photos. 😛 Though it started raining at around Checkpoint #4, we totally enjoyed ourselves. Looking forward to the next event.

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February Top 5

Yes, I’m late again! But there are my Top 5.

1. Zara Z1975 Jeans


Zara jeans always fit like a dream on my butt. It has the prefect length and hugs at the right places. I bought 2 pair of the ripped version last year and I totally for in love with it. Ripped jeans are not exactly appropriate for work so I bought this. Perfect for Friday dress down 🙂

Where to get: Zara

2. Honey Butter MacadamiaHoney butter Macadamia 130g_1

If you think this is just some normal macadamia nuts, then you’re wrong. The honey butter flavor brings it to a whole new different level. Be warned: It is super addictive. I’m going to Korea at the end of the month, so you can expect me filling up my whole luggage with this.

PS: The honey butter potato chips is equally addictive.

3. Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette 


I am a big fan of Urban Decay eye shadows and the Naked palettes have always been one of my favourite. I got this quite some time ago and didn’t really use it. I made a mental note last month then I should give my love equally to all palettes. Luckily I did cos I found one of the most beautiful eye shadow.


It looks pinkish on the panel but it has sparkles of purple inside. It is one of the most beautiful pinkish purplish eye shadow. I have been using it non-stop.

4. Dove Pure Care Dry Oil


The many holidays at the end of the year, especially the one at beautiful Boracay killed my hair. I tried intensive hair treatment, many different hair masks and leave-on hair conditionals but nothing works. I happened to see this on Watson, and decided to give it a try. I’m seriously wowed by it! Not only did my hair feel smoother now (plus tangle-free), it smell amazing too.

5. Marks & Spencer Ready Made Soup

M&S spicy lentil soup 2014sml

I’m trying to be a vegetarian every Monday cos I feel that I do not have enough vegetable intake. Breakfast is always the most difficult. I’m not someone who can take cold breakfast every week so the soup is prefect for me. It is easy to heat up (microwave), plus it is super yummy. It comes in many different flavours too so I will never be sick of it.

M&S smoked haddock chowder 2014sml

On days which I can take meat, this smoked haddock chowder is my favourite.

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Learning from History – Phnom Penh

My last holiday for 2016 was like stepping into a history class – a trip to Phnom Penh. After the trip, I love my life more and feel grateful for whatever I have now.

Note: There won’t be much photos on this post.

You can read more about the sad history of Phnom Penh online. I have extracted a summary from Wikipedia.

“In power, the Khmer Rouge carried out a radical program that included isolating the country from all foreign influences, closing schools, hospitals, and factories, abolishing banking, finance, and currency, outlawing all religions, confiscating all private property and relocating people from urban areas to collective farms where forced labour was widespread. The purpose of this policy was to turn Cambodians into “Old People” through agricultural labour.”

We visited the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum as known as Security Prison 21 (S21). It was a former high school which was transformed into a prison during the Khmer Rouge regime. It was one of the at least 150 execution centers in the country and about 20,000 prisoners were killed there.

We also visited the one of the Killing Fields. The children and infants were often killed and thrown into pits alongside with their parent. The rationale was to stop them from taking revenge form their parents’ deaths when they grew up.

Getting the heavy and serious stuff out of the way, it’s photo time.

IMG_7803.JPGOur room at Aquarius Hotel

It was a lovely boutique hotel. The service was excellent and the staff was very helpful. They were constantly reminding us that we should be mindful of our belonging. Never take your mobile phone out when you are outside. This was also one of the reasons why there was so little photos for this trip.

IMG_7934.JPGThe lovely infinite pool at the hotel roof top

img_7944When we are not out visiting or for dinner, we spent most of the time at the pool.

Some of the lovely meal we had there.

Something that is different from my other trips to end off 2016.

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January Top 5

It’s the start of a new year and I think this will be a good way to track how my taste has changed throughout the year.

Let’s get on to my first Top 5 for 2017.

1. Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Cushion


My friends know that I’m quite a Lancome fan. My first makeup and skincare products were all from Lancome. I heard many good reviews of the Lancome cushion foundation and I really wanted to try it. Finally got it, and I love it. I have been trying different brands of foundation for the past few years, and I do like them. But after trying the Lancome cushion foundation, I realized how much I missed the Lancome foundation.

It is light to medium coverage. If you are looking for something to cover your pimple marks/ pores, then this might not be for you. I like that it gives me enough coverage yet it is light enough for the skin to breathe.

Where to get it: Sephora

2. Australian Open


I’m a big tennis fan so the inclusion of Australian Open should not be a surprise. This year AO was special. 1) It clashed with the Chinese New Year which allowed me more chances to catch Nadal matches. 2) Nadal got back to the Finals again, though the ending was not I wish for.

Website: Australian Open 2017

3. Hot Yoga

I made some changes to my exercise regime for 2017. Last year, I focused mainly on cardio. This year, I would like include stretching and strength training, hoping that it will help me tone down some of my fats. I like cardio cos it makes me sweat. I belong to this group of people who believe that you only workout when you sweat. Hot yoga is prefect for me, cos it really makes me sweat. So far, I really enjoyed the class and I hope I will have the determination to continue on for the rest of the year.

4. Cotton On Body Mesh Short


I have been looking for the perfect shorts for tennis. The shorts must meet the following criteria: 1) Have pockets. This is very important cos I need the pockets to put balls. 2) The material cannot be cotton. I don’t mind wear cotton top for sports but not for bottoms. 3) I must like the design and it must fit me well. I found the shorts while browsing online and went to the shop to try it out. I love it; it met all the criteria. So, I bought 3 pairs – 2 in black and 1 in burnt amber.

Where to get it: Cotton On Body

5. A Series of Unfortunate Events – Netflix 


I like it cos the series is made out of many short stories. Each story is 2 episode and there is only 8 episodes in Season 1. What I like about short stories is that you can stop watching for a few weeks and you will still be able to follow up. However, as the name suggest, don’t expect a happy ending.

Website: Netflix

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The Sun, The Beach and The Tan – Boracay

There are many who ask me why do you like to go for a beach holiday? What can you do there?

First and foremost, you get to enjoy amazing views of the sea. I can sit on the beach everyday; doing nothing and enjoying the breeze.



After a day at the beach, it’s time to catch the sunset. How about sunset sailing?




You sit on the sail and it will sail along the beach while you enjoy the sunset. No effort required. The ride was smooth and the view was breathtaking.

If you feel that sailing is not your cup of tea, then just find a good spot along the beach and catch the sunset.




After spending a few days at the beach, you feel that you are ready to try something simple. How about going for some paddling?



The water here was calm and quite shallow. My sister can’t swim and she did the paddling sitting down. She enjoyed it and told me it was not hard at all.

Boracay was amazing but the journey there was tough. We left Singapore in the afternoon and reached Boracay at night. The flight time from Singapore to Kalibo was 3 hours and 40 mins. After which, we took a bus to Caticlan Jetty Port which took around 2 hours depending on the traffic. From the jetty, we took a speed boat (arranged by out resort) to Boracay which took around 15 mins. The hotel van was waiting for us at the jetty and it took us another 15 mins to drive to our resort. Total travelling time: ~7 hours!

Will I go again? Umm… I will need all the will to remind myself of the beautiful views to endure through the journey.


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