South Australia Road Trip – Day 1

IMG_9083_meitu_1Waiting for our night flight to Adelaide

We were lucky to land on a Saturday morning so we decided to visit the Barossa Farmers Market before we head to our first accommodation.

IMG_9106Barossa Farmers Market

It was quite a long drive from the airport and we reached there quite late around 11 am. We had a light breakfast and continued our drive to our accommodation.

IMG_9427Finally reached our accommodation at Barossa Valley

IMG_91381st cellar – TeAro Estate

IMG_9152.JPG2nd cellar – Lindfield Road Wines

Most of the cellar door closed around 5pm and we were tired from all the travelling, so we only managed to visit 2 on Day 1. Ended Day 1 with BBQ dinner at home.


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Phi Phi Islands Day Tour

We booked a 1 day trip to Phi Phi Islands with Orchid Speed Boat through our hotel. It cost 2,800 baht per person. The crew were super friendly and they made sure everyone had an enjoyable tour. Highly recommend!

The speed boat picked us up at 9am at Railay West right outside our hotel.

IMG_48561st stop – snorkeling

Life jacket and snorkeling equipment were provided. We picked the right day to go for the tour and the water was calm and clear. There were many beautiful coral reefs. Initially, my sister did not want to go into the water as she didn’t know how to swim. Knowing that the captain immediately offered her a float so that she could also enjoy the water like the rest of us.

IMG_48582nd stop – Viking Cave

Viking cave is also known as Bird Nests Cave. The gathers gathered the bird nests from the cliff using bamboo scaffolding. We didn’t visit the cave, the captain slowed down in front of the cave for us to take some photos.

IMG_4865Cursing into Phi Ley Bay

IMG_4870We stopped to take some photos. The water here is super clear.


IMG_4878Bye Phi Ley Bay. Moving on to the next stop.

IMG_4884Guess where we are heading

IMG_4885Queuing for our lot to park the speedboat

IMG_4889Welcome to Maya Bay

Maya Bay is famous for its setting for the movie “The Beach”. It’s also because of the movie, the beach is extremely crowded. You will need to pay an additional 200 baht per person to visit the National Park and enjoy the beach.

IMG_4896We braved through the pain to walk through a patch of super rough shoreline  barefooted to reach Loh Sa Ma.

IMG_4904We moved on to Monkey Bay. Can you spot the monkeys?

IMG_4906The monkeys were not scared of human. They would get close to ask for food.

IMG_4911One even hopped on our speedboat and stole a bottle of orange juice.

IMG_0467It was finally lunch time and we headed to Phi Phi Don. Lunch was included in the fee paid. Lunch was buffet style though the food selection was not fantastic, it was good enough for us.

IMG_0473We had 1.5 hours at Phi Phi Don so we did a little exploring.



After lunch, we went for another round of snorkeling before going to our final destination – Bamboo Island (famous for its white sand). We were given some time to enjoy the beach.



The trip around 5 pm. Fresh watermelons and pineapples were served on our way back. There was also free flow of mineral water and orange juice throughout the whole tour.

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Krabi Short Getaway


It is almost a tradition that we have to go for a beach holiday every year. So this year, we are heading to Krabi.

After 1 hour and 50 minutes of flight, we finally landed. From the Krabi airport, you can take the official airport bus to Ao Nang for 150 baht per person.

IMG_4849On the bus to Ao Nang

From Ao Nang, you need to take a longtail boat to Railay. The boat comes every hour and it costs 100 baht per person (one way). There is no need to get a two-way ticket as you can easily get a long-tail boat back to Ao Nang from Railay. The boat will leave once it reaches 8 people and it costs 80 baht per person. They will charge more if there are lesser people. Remember to book your bus ticket from Ao Nang back to the airport in advance. It costs 200 baht per person.

IMG_4852Waiting for our longtail boat to Railay

There are many resorts located in Railay. The accommodation ranges from bungalows and medium-priced resorts in East Railay to a collection of luxury resorts focused on West Railay. As the East beach is primarily covered in dense mangroves and is unsuitable for swimming, we decided to stay on the West Beach.

IMG_0392Grand deluxe building room at Sand Sea Resort with a private terrace

IMG_0395Bathroom with separate shower and bathtub

We took a walk to the West Beach Walking Street which is a 1 min walk from our hotel and settled for lunch there.

IMG_0396Nutella Thai pancake. It is a yummy roti prata with nutella.

IMG_0406A big plate of prawn crackers to share. My sister was not impressed by my choice 😛

IMG_0407Local feast – tom yum soup and green curry

After lunch, we took a walk to Railay East and Phra Nang Beach. The 2 beaches are connected by a path which follows the base of the cliffs bordered by caves and stalactites. On this path, you will also find the track to Railay Lagoon. The track seems rather challenging and we were not well-prepared (in flipflops) for adventures so we gave it a miss.

railay-east-phranang-pathYou can spot monkeys along the path so we walked through it super quickly and didn’t stop to take any photos.

IMG_0398Phra Nang Beach

We ended the day early as we booked a day tour to Phi Phi Islands. We bought dinner from Railay Family Restaurant (definitely our favourite) back to enjoy it in the comfort of our room.

IMG_0413Our favourite restaurant. The price is reasonable and the service is fantastic.

dinner day 1Our dinner – Pad Thai, grilled fish and mango sticky rice

IMG_0418Day 1 ended with the beautiful sunset along the beach

We spent most of Day 2 on the Phi Phi Islands Day Tour. Read more about in on Day Tour to Phi Phi Islands.

Day 3 was beach visiting day. A quick mention that there are no sun chairs along the beach so remember to bring along you own beach mat or towel unless you don’t mind getting sandy. Our resort provided us with beach mat which we brought it along.

IMG_4938 (2)_meitu_1Phra Nang Beach. You can walk to the cliff area during low tide.




IMG_4965Admire their determination to take good photos

IMG_0541Lazing around the beach

IMG_4981Chicken Island

A point to note is that there are many parasites in the water. If you have high tolerance to bite, then you will enjoy the water more. The bites eventually got the better of us and we left to hang out at Railay West. We got no bites from Railay West so we concluded that it was a Railay East problem.

IMG_0525Our favourite drink – pineapple shake. Made with real pineapple. Super refreshing, good for hot weather.

IMG_0446Tonsai beach is behind this cliff

IMG_0481You can get there by doing some climbing which we didn’t try.

IMG_0486Evening at Railay West


IMG_4969_meitu_3Back to our favourite restaurant for dinner. Tom yum soup, fried rice and our last grilled fish in Krabi.

IMG_0509Last sunset

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Cafe Hopping – Farrer Park

2 years ago, we went for our first cafe hopping near Lavender. This time, we explored the cafes near Farrer Park. As Patrick said “3 is just nice, 4 will be a torture.” so 3 was the number of cafes we went.

1. Enchanted Cafe


A fantasy theme cafe with a fantasy menu. The drinks menu was especially magical yet it came with a local touch. They had drinks like The Sorcerer’s Elixir, Milky Series with flavour like Ondeh Ondeh, Bandung, etc.

IMG_0645The famous decoration corner

IMG_0664The Sorcerer’s Elixir. The drink will turn sparkly when you stirred it. We half expected that the drink would not be fantastic but we were still surprised by the novelty.

IMG_0665Enchanted Buffalo Bites. A recommended dish but we felt the dip lacked the BBQ taste and was too watery.

IMG_0669Croque Madame. Smoked salmon paired with velvety homemade mayo sauce. The sauce was not too tangy and when paired with the smoked salmon and fluffy eggs, PERFECT!


Website: Enchanted Cafe

2. Brunches Cafe


Off to our 2nd stop, Brunches Cafes. When you stepped into the cafe, you immediately felt that you had went back in time.

IMG_0692Barrel transformed seats

IMG_0676Vintage display

IMG_0685Coffee on the Rock. No surprise that I chose the Bailey’s flavour. Poured the cold milk into the ice coffee. When the coffee melt, your ice coffee is ready. No more diluted coffee.

IMG_0688A large bowl of Truffle Fries. Good for 4 to share.

IMG_0689Golden Risotto Ball. The outside of the risotto balls were super crispy and stuffed with stringy cheese. The combination of the tomato sauce made this dish flawless.


Website: Brunches Cafe

3. Non Entrée Dessert Cafe 


Last and final stop, Non Entrée Dessert Cafe. As the name said, the cafe only served desserts. They changed their menu frequently according to the theme. One of the selling point of the cafe was the presentation of the desserts served.

IMG_0702The decorations according to the theme – Urban Garden

IMG_0709Chocolate Avalanche. It was like eating a miniature garden. The warm lava cake would drip and covered the orange-infused vanilla gelato. The soil was made of chocolate and crunchy almond nougatine. Loved the balance of all the different ingredients.

IMG_0713Pot de Fleur. A flower pot made of edible ingredients, Strawberry Rhubarb Compote, Lychee Lime Granita, Sakura Pump, Prosecco Rosé Jelly. It came with a Yuzu Mist which you could spray on the cotton candy.


Website: Non Entrée Dessert Cafe 

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South Australia Road Trip

I went for a 9 days South Australia road trip with my sister and her friends, to Barossa Valley, Kangaroo Island and McLaren Vale. Visited lots of cellar doors and did some sight visiting. There are so much to share so I’m going to post many small posts to share more details of each place.

There’s the highlights and stay tune for the detailed posts…






















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La Decima


Thank you for the prefect clay session.  It started with the 1st La Decima at Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters.


Followed by the 2nd La Decima at Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell.


The perfect end of the clay session with the 3rd La Decima at Roland Garros.


Some figures for his route to the number 10.





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Sephora Haul


I intended to post this before my holiday but I didn’t get to edit it in time. Nevertheless, I am still going to post it and have included post review. I will try to link the things I bought to the Sephora Singapore website but I noticed some of the items are not available online. So let’s see what I got…

1. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed


I was looking for a new loose powder and was contemplating between the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder or Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. I ended up getting the IT Cosmetics pressed powder instead. The “Bye Bye Pores” really caught my eye and I decided to give it a try. It is also cheaper than the other two. While putting up the post, I noticed that they have a loose powder version. I might give it a try next time.

Post Review: I have been using it for a month. I do like that it give me a matte finish but I don’t see a significant difference in reducing the visibility of my pores.

2. IT Cosmetic No-Tug Waterproof Anti-Aging Gel Eyeliner


My bestie is a lover of the the IT Comestic gel eyeliner so I decided to give it a try.

Post Review: I tried it a couple of times and I do quite like it. I like that it draws well and is really black. It also stays on all day without smudging. However, as it is a gel liner, it is slightly more difficult to draw a precise thin line.

3. ZOEVA Brushes

Lots of youtubers have been raving about Zovea brushes so I had to give it a try. I bought the 109 Face Paint and 129 Luxe Fan which are missing from my current brushes collection. I use the 109 Face Pain brush for bronzing/ contouring and 129 Luxe Fan brush for highlighting.

Post Review: I love them!! I’m definitely going to get more.

4. Clarisonic Sensitive Brush Head


I always stock this up during sales. I use the Clarisonic to clean my face every night and I will change the brush head every 3 months. The most common question asked is “Does Clarisonic works?” My answer is yes, at least I think it works. With the timer function, it makes you spend more time washing your face. It will beep to inform you that it’s time to change area: 20 seconds on your forehead; 20 seconds down the nose and on the chin; 10 seconds each on either cheek.

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