Phi Phi Islands Day Tour

We booked a 1 day trip to Phi Phi Islands with Orchid Speed Boat through our hotel. It cost 2,800 baht per person. The crew were super friendly and they made sure everyone had an enjoyable tour. Highly recommend!

The speed boat picked us up at 9am at Railay West right outside our hotel.

IMG_48561st stop – snorkeling

Life jacket and snorkeling equipment were provided. We picked the right day to go for the tour and the water was calm and clear. There were many beautiful coral reefs. Initially, my sister did not want to go into the water as she didn’t know how to swim. Knowing that the captain immediately offered her a float so that she could also enjoy the water like the rest of us.

IMG_48582nd stop – Viking Cave

Viking cave is also known as Bird Nests Cave. The gathers gathered the bird nests from the cliff using bamboo scaffolding. We didn’t visit the cave, the captain slowed down in front of the cave for us to take some photos.

IMG_4865Cursing into Phi Ley Bay

IMG_4870We stopped to take some photos. The water here is super clear.


IMG_4878Bye Phi Ley Bay. Moving on to the next stop.

IMG_4884Guess where we are heading

IMG_4885Queuing for our lot to park the speedboat

IMG_4889Welcome to Maya Bay

Maya Bay is famous for its setting for the movie “The Beach”. It’s also because of the movie, the beach is extremely crowded. You will need to pay an additional 200 baht per person to visit the National Park and enjoy the beach.

IMG_4896We braved through the pain to walk through a patch of super rough shoreline  barefooted to reach Loh Sa Ma.

IMG_4904We moved on to Monkey Bay. Can you spot the monkeys?

IMG_4906The monkeys were not scared of human. They would get close to ask for food.

IMG_4911One even hopped on our speedboat and stole a bottle of orange juice.

IMG_0467It was finally lunch time and we headed to Phi Phi Don. Lunch was included in the fee paid. Lunch was buffet style though the food selection was not fantastic, it was good enough for us.

IMG_0473We had 1.5 hours at Phi Phi Don so we did a little exploring.



After lunch, we went for another round of snorkeling before going to our final destination – Bamboo Island (famous for its white sand). We were given some time to enjoy the beach.



The trip around 5 pm. Fresh watermelons and pineapples were served on our way back. There was also free flow of mineral water and orange juice throughout the whole tour.

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2 Responses to Phi Phi Islands Day Tour

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  2. TravelKiwis says:

    Sounds like you saw a few beaches that day. Loved the pic of all the speed boats lined up – that must be so busy. Good to see you got to some beaches with few people 🙂


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