Krabi Short Getaway


It is almost a tradition that we have to go for a beach holiday every year. So this year, we are heading to Krabi.

After 1 hour and 50 minutes of flight, we finally landed. From the Krabi airport, you can take the official airport bus to Ao Nang for 150 baht per person.

IMG_4849On the bus to Ao Nang

From Ao Nang, you need to take a longtail boat to Railay. The boat comes every hour and it costs 100 baht per person (one way). There is no need to get a two-way ticket as you can easily get a long-tail boat back to Ao Nang from Railay. The boat will leave once it reaches 8 people and it costs 80 baht per person. They will charge more if there are lesser people. Remember to book your bus ticket from Ao Nang back to the airport in advance. It costs 200 baht per person.

IMG_4852Waiting for our longtail boat to Railay

There are many resorts located in Railay. The accommodation ranges from bungalows and medium-priced resorts in East Railay to a collection of luxury resorts focused on West Railay. As the East beach is primarily covered in dense mangroves and is unsuitable for swimming, we decided to stay on the West Beach.

IMG_0392Grand deluxe building room at Sand Sea Resort with a private terrace

IMG_0395Bathroom with separate shower and bathtub

We took a walk to the West Beach Walking Street which is a 1 min walk from our hotel and settled for lunch there.

IMG_0396Nutella Thai pancake. It is a yummy roti prata with nutella.

IMG_0406A big plate of prawn crackers to share. My sister was not impressed by my choice 😛

IMG_0407Local feast – tom yum soup and green curry

After lunch, we took a walk to Railay East and Phra Nang Beach. The 2 beaches are connected by a path which follows the base of the cliffs bordered by caves and stalactites. On this path, you will also find the track to Railay Lagoon. The track seems rather challenging and we were not well-prepared (in flipflops) for adventures so we gave it a miss.

railay-east-phranang-pathYou can spot monkeys along the path so we walked through it super quickly and didn’t stop to take any photos.

IMG_0398Phra Nang Beach

We ended the day early as we booked a day tour to Phi Phi Islands. We bought dinner from Railay Family Restaurant (definitely our favourite) back to enjoy it in the comfort of our room.

IMG_0413Our favourite restaurant. The price is reasonable and the service is fantastic.

dinner day 1Our dinner – Pad Thai, grilled fish and mango sticky rice

IMG_0418Day 1 ended with the beautiful sunset along the beach

We spent most of Day 2 on the Phi Phi Islands Day Tour. Read more about in on Day Tour to Phi Phi Islands.

Day 3 was beach visiting day. A quick mention that there are no sun chairs along the beach so remember to bring along you own beach mat or towel unless you don’t mind getting sandy. Our resort provided us with beach mat which we brought it along.

IMG_4938 (2)_meitu_1Phra Nang Beach. You can walk to the cliff area during low tide.




IMG_4965Admire their determination to take good photos

IMG_0541Lazing around the beach

IMG_4981Chicken Island

A point to note is that there are many parasites in the water. If you have high tolerance to bite, then you will enjoy the water more. The bites eventually got the better of us and we left to hang out at Railay West. We got no bites from Railay West so we concluded that it was a Railay East problem.

IMG_0525Our favourite drink – pineapple shake. Made with real pineapple. Super refreshing, good for hot weather.

IMG_0446Tonsai beach is behind this cliff

IMG_0481You can get there by doing some climbing which we didn’t try.

IMG_0486Evening at Railay West


IMG_4969_meitu_3Back to our favourite restaurant for dinner. Tom yum soup, fried rice and our last grilled fish in Krabi.

IMG_0509Last sunset

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