Cafe Hopping – Farrer Park

2 years ago, we went for our first cafe hopping near Lavender. This time, we explored the cafes near Farrer Park. As Patrick said “3 is just nice, 4 will be a torture.” so 3 was the number of cafes we went.

1. Enchanted Cafe


A fantasy theme cafe with a fantasy menu. The drinks menu was especially magical yet it came with a local touch. They had drinks like The Sorcerer’s Elixir, Milky Series with flavour like Ondeh Ondeh, Bandung, etc.

IMG_0645The famous decoration corner

IMG_0664The Sorcerer’s Elixir. The drink will turn sparkly when you stirred it. We half expected that the drink would not be fantastic but we were still surprised by the novelty.

IMG_0665Enchanted Buffalo Bites. A recommended dish but we felt the dip lacked the BBQ taste and was too watery.

IMG_0669Croque Madame. Smoked salmon paired with velvety homemade mayo sauce. The sauce was not too tangy and when paired with the smoked salmon and fluffy eggs, PERFECT!


Website: Enchanted Cafe

2. Brunches Cafe


Off to our 2nd stop, Brunches Cafes. When you stepped into the cafe, you immediately felt that you had went back in time.

IMG_0692Barrel transformed seats

IMG_0676Vintage display

IMG_0685Coffee on the Rock. No surprise that I chose the Bailey’s flavour. Poured the cold milk into the ice coffee. When the coffee melt, your ice coffee is ready. No more diluted coffee.

IMG_0688A large bowl of Truffle Fries. Good for 4 to share.

IMG_0689Golden Risotto Ball. The outside of the risotto balls were super crispy and stuffed with stringy cheese. The combination of the tomato sauce made this dish flawless.


Website: Brunches Cafe

3. Non Entrée Dessert Cafe 


Last and final stop, Non Entrée Dessert Cafe. As the name said, the cafe only served desserts. They changed their menu frequently according to the theme. One of the selling point of the cafe was the presentation of the desserts served.

IMG_0702The decorations according to the theme – Urban Garden

IMG_0709Chocolate Avalanche. It was like eating a miniature garden. The warm lava cake would drip and covered the orange-infused vanilla gelato. The soil was made of chocolate and crunchy almond nougatine. Loved the balance of all the different ingredients.

IMG_0713Pot de Fleur. A flower pot made of edible ingredients, Strawberry Rhubarb Compote, Lychee Lime Granita, Sakura Pump, Prosecco Rosé Jelly. It came with a Yuzu Mist which you could spray on the cotton candy.


Website: Non Entrée Dessert Cafe 

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