Healthy Day Out

masth-challenge5.jpgSentosa Nature Trail: Fort Siloso

The 2nd National Step Challenge event that I have participated and this time at Sentosa. It was of a bigger scale than the 1st one I went to at Bishan Park.

This “scavenger hunt” style game lets you explore the wonders of the Nature Heritage Trail around Fort Siloso and win attractive prizes at the same time.

Simply follow the map on your ‘Game card’ and find as many checkpoints and complete as many activity stations as possible to win!

001I forgot to take a photo of the game card but this should give you an idea on the area we covered.

Now, follow us through the 10 checkpoints…





From this point onward, we checked in backwards…







It took us around 1 hour to complete the whole route. Not that bad considering the time we spent at each stop taking photos. 😛 Though it started raining at around Checkpoint #4, we totally enjoyed ourselves. Looking forward to the next event.

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