February Top 5

Yes, I’m late again! But there are my Top 5.

1. Zara Z1975 Jeans


Zara jeans always fit like a dream on my butt. It has the prefect length and hugs at the right places. I bought 2 pair of the ripped version last year and I totally for in love with it. Ripped jeans are not exactly appropriate for work so I bought this. Perfect for Friday dress down 🙂

Where to get: Zara

2. Honey Butter MacadamiaHoney butter Macadamia 130g_1

If you think this is just some normal macadamia nuts, then you’re wrong. The honey butter flavor brings it to a whole new different level. Be warned: It is super addictive. I’m going to Korea at the end of the month, so you can expect me filling up my whole luggage with this.

PS: The honey butter potato chips is equally addictive.

3. Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette 


I am a big fan of Urban Decay eye shadows and the Naked palettes have always been one of my favourite. I got this quite some time ago and didn’t really use it. I made a mental note last month then I should give my love equally to all palettes. Luckily I did cos I found one of the most beautiful eye shadow.


It looks pinkish on the panel but it has sparkles of purple inside. It is one of the most beautiful pinkish purplish eye shadow. I have been using it non-stop.

4. Dove Pure Care Dry Oil


The many holidays at the end of the year, especially the one at beautiful Boracay killed my hair. I tried intensive hair treatment, many different hair masks and leave-on hair conditionals but nothing works. I happened to see this on Watson, and decided to give it a try. I’m seriously wowed by it! Not only did my hair feel smoother now (plus tangle-free), it smell amazing too.

5. Marks & Spencer Ready Made Soup

M&S spicy lentil soup 2014sml

I’m trying to be a vegetarian every Monday cos I feel that I do not have enough vegetable intake. Breakfast is always the most difficult. I’m not someone who can take cold breakfast every week so the soup is prefect for me. It is easy to heat up (microwave), plus it is super yummy. It comes in many different flavours too so I will never be sick of it.

M&S smoked haddock chowder 2014sml

On days which I can take meat, this smoked haddock chowder is my favourite.

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