December Top 5

The last Monthly Top 5 for 2016:

1. Advent Calendar


I love counting down to Christmas. For the past 2 years, I got The Body Shop advent calendar but decided to change it up and got a Lindt chocolate one this year. It was fun and of cos yummy!

My yummy chocolates for the 24 days

2. Forest森

My first 1 Michelin star dining experience. The food was great and I enjoyed all the dishes. It was a tough decision to choose a favourite but the cod fish was the winner. I’m a fish/ seafood lover so I guess that won’t be a big surprise to many.

Website: Forest

3. Arteastiq

It was my third visit to Arteastiq in 3 month, so I guessed I quite like the place. I didn’t try everything from the menu but there were plenty of pleasant surprises. To be honest, it was not the food that drew me back. It was this…



They have the best ice fruit tea ever! There is no way I can choose which one I like more. I just like both!

There are 2 outlet in Singapore – Mandarin Gallery and Plaza Singapura. The service at Plaza Singapura needs TONNES of improvement so strongly recommend the outlet at Mandarin Gallery for a good dining experience.

Website: Arteastiq

4. Coney Island


Coney Island was officially opened to public in 2015. Many of my friends have already visited the island. Finally, it was my turn! I visited the island with the NParks guided tour. The guided tour was conducted by NParks volunteers and they were very passionate. Very keen in sharing information of the island with us.

Keep your eyes open and there will be many interesting finds along the way.

img_7672The original Coney Island signature facing the sea

img_7681The island was kept in its original state with the old facilities left at their original spot.

Website:  Coney Island Park

5. Xmas Gatherings

This was a December favourite so it would be so wrong not include gatherings with my friends. I love picking up presents for my friends and love receiving them too! On top of that, Christmas is also a good excuse to meet up with your friends to catch up. That’s my absolute favourite!

img_8003The super effort collage – not done by me! Haa…

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