Hakone Weekend Trip

We decided that we had to try out a roykan for this trip so we booked a weekend trip to Hakone.

IMG_7050.JPGOn the early Romancecar to Hakone. The train ride took around 90 mins.

IMG_4376.JPGHakone-Yumoto Station

It was too early to check-in so we left our luggage at the roykan and went exploring. They were many itineraries online but they were quite similar.


We started off at Gora and took the Hakone Tozan Cable Car to Sounzan. From there, we transferred to the Hankone Ropeway to Togendai. We took the Hakone Sightseeing Cruise to cruise round Lake Ashinoko and took the same route back to Gora.

IMG_4384.JPGHakone Tozan Cablecar

img_4385View from the Hakone Tozan Cablecar

img_4388We reached Sounzan. Taking the transfer for the Hakone Ropeway.


IMG_4389.JPGHakone Ropeway

IMG_4404.JPGThe weather was quite bad. We felt like we were travelling in the clouds most of the time.

IMG_4405.JPGLake Ashinoko – our next destination

IMG_4408.JPGHakone Sightseeing Cruise. I couldn’t get a good photo of ours so here’s our neighbour 😛

IMG_4415.JPGView from the upper deck

IMG_4423.JPGI admired those cycling in the swans in such chilly day.

IMG_4426.JPGKuzuryu-jin ja Shrine

IMG_4433.JPGReaching Motohakone-ko. Stopping by for lunch

IMG_7075.JPGHakone draft beer

IMG_7084.JPGTempera don for lunch

IMG_4454.JPGTook the Hakone Sightseeing Cruise back to Togendai

IMG_4467.JPGSulfuric fumes from the volcanic activities


IMG_4478.JPGThe famous black egg: shells are blackened by the sulfur and are said to prolong one’s life by seven years. I didn’t try it though.



IMG_4501.JPGOur roykan – Mount View Hakone

IMG_4484.JPGOur room at the ryokan

IMG_7097.JPGTook a dip at the hot spring, changed into traditional yukata and it’s time for dinner.

IMG_7104.JPGDinner feast

IMG_4496.JPGThe room was laid while we were having dinner.


IMG_7119.JPGWent Gotemba for a short shopping trip after breakfast.

IMG_7087.JPGHankone Freepass

Psst! Remember to get the Hakone Freepass. All my transportation was covered for my 2 days 1 night trip.

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