November Top 5

The November Top 5:

1. Hakone

My first roykan experience and I totally enjoyed. With the Hakone Freepass, you can take all the transport for free. All the places were well-connected so it was easy to move around. If you love shopping, Gotemba is 30 minutes bus ride away.

2. Up for Love 


My sister saw the trailer from the French Film Festival and we wanted to catch it at the cinema after our Japan trip. The lucky us found the film on the inflight entertainment so we got to watch it for free.

The synopsis: “Diane is an attractive, witty and bright lawyer. After ending her unhappy marriage, she is finally free to meet the man of her dreams. One day, she receives a call rom Alexandre, who has found her lost phone. During this chat, something sparks. Alexandre is polite, funny, refined. Diane is charmed and they decide to go on a date. However, nothing will go as planned… Does the perfect man exist ?”

Check out the trailer.

3. Seafolly Bandeau Bikini Top


I love Seafolly swimwear and this bandeau version is definitely one of my favourite. A simple bikini top that can be worn in 4 different ways and the hidden underwire gave a good support. I wore it for paddling and felt super secured. The super plus is bye bye ugly tanline on your shoulder.

Website: Seafolly Singapore

4. Boracay

You need to have a determined mind to travel there. Keep reminding yourself on the beautiful beach, the white sand, the breathtaking sunset, and the whole journey would be much easier. One of the best beach holiday I had and I wish I’m there now!

5. Unagi Sushi


I got an addiction to this unagi sushi during my Japan trip. It was from a sushi bar in Shinjuku. I ate the sushi like light snacks before heading out for dinner and I did that for 2 consecutive days. The chef will heat up the unagi before serving. Imagine the warm unagi with the cold rice and sweet sauce, it was beyond heavenly!

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