Day Trip to Johor Bahru

When your bestie asked you if you want to go for a day trip together, you will never say no. So off to Johor Bahru (JB) we go, and our plan was EAT and EAT!

First stop, Dontaku in City Square Mall

img_6548The interior had a zen feeling using bamboo as partition

img_6549Kani Croquette and Enoki Bacon. The croquette was creamy but can’t really taste the kani. I guess you can’t get wrong with enoki bacon unless you burnt the bacon.

img_6551Sashimi Mori. We felt that it was ok for S$10.

sushiSalmon Hama Harumaki and Volcano Roll. I liked the sauce of the volcano roll.

The plan was to explore Jalan Dhoby. Jalan Dhoby is within walking distance from City Square Mall with many cafes around the area. Part of the plan was to go cafe hopping so it was a must go place.

Coconut is the in-est thing now. I am right on the bandwagon, and I love coconuts. Can you imagine my excitement when I saw “We are Nuts About Coconut”. I had to try it, so off we went to Sangkaya.


This is more of a dessert place. As the tagline says, they are nuts about coconuts so they served mainly coconut items.

coconut-drinkNo surprise that I went for the original coconut milk shake

Address: 14 Jalan Dhoby, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru 


We were looking for a dinner place before heading back to Singapore. After much contemplating, we finally decided on Flowers in the Window.

The exterior of the cafe was the min reason that attracted us in.

When we entered, we wondered if we were in the wrong place. Did we enter into a florist?

img_6588 img_6569

img_6568I loved how the cakes were displayed

img_6574The place was pretty and the food was yummy. Superfood Salad to share.

img_6572My favourite: White chocolate matcha cake.

I am not a cake lover but that was definitely one of the best cake I ever had. The cake and the white chocolate were not too sweet. With the crushed pistachio at the top, it was the prefect combination. I even bought 1 back for my sister to try though I don’t think she was as impressed.

Address: 9, Jalan Dhoby, 80000 Johor Bahru

img_6587We will be back!

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