Brunch Places at Sukhumvit

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day. However, for people like me who can never wake up early, especially on a holiday, the most important meal of the day will have to be brunch.

Back from a holiday with my bestie from Bangkok and we had amazing brunches throughout the trip. The restaurants are all easily accessible and within walking distance from BTS Phrom Phong.



roast bfTruffle Alfredo and  Pulled Pork Burger

The Pulled Pork Burger come with fries as side. The fries was normal but the burger was super delicious. Strongly recommend. The Truffle Alfredo had a very strong truffle smell. You can smell it even before it was served. If you are a big fan of truffle, I will recommend you to give it a try.

Roast coffeeIce Espresso Latte

The Ice Espresso Latte came in a glass of ice coffee cubes and a bottle of milk. The coffee cubes will melt when you pour the milk in. The intensity of the coffee can also be adjusted by the amount of milk you add. Most important of all, your coffee will remain cold yet not diluted. Such an ingenious idea!

Try making it at home. Brew your favourite coffee and pour them into an ice cube tray. Freeze them; best over-night to ensure that they are well-frozen. Place the coffee cubes into a glass and add some milk. Viola!

Location: 1st floor, The Helix Quartier, EmQuartier

Another Hound Cafe




14034698_10154384275188582_8617184431399222182_nI love the interior – Monochrome style.

IMG_6180The breads were soft and warm. Paired with truffle butter, Winner!

IMG_6181Cold Japanese Salad

another hound saffron risotto with salted eggChar-grilled Squid and Seafood Saffron Risotto

IMG_6185Fried Dice Lamb with Garlic and Black Pepper

The concept of the cafe is Chic & Glam Asian – Italian dining twists. The serving of the food was huge and we definitely over ordered.

The Cold Japanese Salad was refreshing and the shrimp roe gave it a unique popping taste. The Fried Dice Lamb was tender and flavorful. With the garlic toppings, it was prefect; especially for a garlic lover like me.

IMG_6182Ice Coffee

tea ice ballEarl Grey Ice Lemon Tea

Lots of effort was spent on the drinks presentation. My Ice Coffee was served with milk shavings. The Earl Grey Ice Lemon Tea was served with an ice earl grey tea ball. When served, the waiter will pour the tea over the ice ball.

Location: The Emporium, 1st Floor

Audrey – Cafe des Fleurs 





IMG_6225As the name suggest, the cafe was designed with a garden theme. Super sweet and girly.

IMG_6216Tom Yum Kung Baby Crusty Pizza, Crab Souffle served with Lobster Brandy Sauce and Audrey’s Chicken Liver Pate in Truffle Oil served with French Bread

The Chicken Liver Pate was delicious. It was especially good with the warmly toasted bread. The Tom Yum Kung Pizza had a hint of tom yum taste yet not too spicy. Surprisingly, cheese does go well with tom yum.

IMG_6220Inside of the crab souffle

To be honest, the crab souffle was disappointing. The souffle portion was too much with only a tiny serving of the crab at the bottom. It was also served in a rubber pot, the same as those used for the flower pot cakes. I’m not a big fan of serving hot dishes on rubber bowls, so that did put me off slightly.

Location: 7A10,8 th Floor, The Helix Quartier, Emquartier

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