Mi Band vs National Steps Challenge


I got my Mi Band and National Steps Challenge Tracker in Jan. After wearing both for 1 month, here’s my mini review.


Comparison of the key functions

My personal preference is the National Steps Challenge  Tracker. I will need to charge it more often but I use most of the function. I especially like the Diet Journal as it allows me to track the calories I consumed everyday. I don’t think it is very accurate but it is a good reference.


The Dashboard that shows you a summary of the calories you burnt per day and the calories you consumed. The mark shows the maximum calories I should consume a day if I want to lose weight.


The Rewards is definitely a good motivation to keep me moving 🙂

I have been moving well for the past 2 months and I hope it will continue on till the end of the year. I’m looking forward to meet my new year resolution. Vamos!

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