IPTL – Finale

singapore slammer

I believe you should already know the winner for  IPTL 2015 – the OUE SINGAPORE SLAMMERS!

Knowing the rules of the game is important. If not, you might get lost at some point of the match. The organizer had also made some changes so it was much easier to catch up this year. Anyway, I was also well-prepared; watching most of the matches, knowing who were the stronger players and how each team fared before they reached Singapore for the finals.


IPTL is about teamwork; every game counts.

I especially love the 2 photos on right.

1) Ivan Dodig talking to Svetlana Kuznetsova who is losing badly to Belinda Bencic; encouraging her. He even practised with her after the match to prepare her for the Finals.

2) Kristina Mladenovic injured her calf but still continue to play for Women’s Singles and Mixed Doubles. She was taking a rest on the spot while the Philippine Maverick called for a time-out. Her teammates came over to help her up.


Tenfie = Tennis + Selfie


The crowd was here to catch a glimpse this person. Ok, myabe these 2 people. The Swiss Maestros: Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka.


He might not be a member of the Singapore Slammers but who would mind a standee of Federer.

If I can form my team, here’s mine. What’s yours?


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