IPTL Update

singapore slammer

The new OUE Singapore Slammers team, without Novak Djokovic but with the addition of 2 new players – Andy Murray and Stan Wawrinka.

I have to admit that I was quite disappointed to hear Djokovic pulling out. The Slammers lost so badly last year, and I was hoping for a decent win this year with the World No. 1; i.e. at least not at the bottom of the pack.

But hey, I was wrong! Without the “Iconic” and “Category A” players (as classified in Wiki), the Slammers are playing some unbelievable tennis. Currently standing at No. 2!

indian aces edited

The Micromax Indian Aces is the team that I have been actively following. I guess there is no surprise. But the Aces is so strong and everyone is playing exceptionally well. Now I’m a big fan of almost everyone in the team!

I am so looking forward to Friday, the 18th. Everything is like prefect now: the Aces at No. 1 and the Slammers at No. 2. Let’s hope for the best for Sunday. I will be there cheering my heart out!


Vamos! Allez! Come on!

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