Back to Thailand Nadal vs Djokovic


My friends know that I’m a big Nadal fan, so you can imagine my excitement when I know that Nadal will be playing an exhibition with Djokovic in Bangkok. A flight time of 2 hours plus away, that is probably the nearest place I can go to watch Nadal play this year.

The process to purchase the tickets was not easy. The roadblocks:

1. Gathering Information

I first read about the event in early Sep and have been actively googling to find out more information. Most of the articles were in Thai and did not mention on how to purchase the tickets. I started wondering if the event was open for public. With the help of a friend living in Bangkok, we finally managed to find the website to purchase the tickets. – SOLVED!

2. Purchasing Tickets

The price of the tickets was not very expensive. There were 5 categories: 5000/ 4000/ 3000/ 2000/ 1000 Baht. By the time we found the website, only tickets from the last 2 cat with limited seat were left . I was all ready to purchase the tickets. 2000 Baht (~S$79) to watch Nadal play live, worth it!

However, the website was hell, super not user-friendly. To buy the tickets, you first had to set up an account and this was the most frustrating part. I was unable to do so as I did not have a Thai address and phone number. Without an account, there was no way you can buy the tickets online. I got a taste of what people mean by “You can’t buy everything with money“, in a different context. Anyway, with help of my friend, we managed to purchase the tickets. – SOLVED! 

3. Transportation to Venue 

The match was held in the sub-urban area, so transport thru and fro was an issue.  The match was scheduled to start at 7pm and we foresaw that it would end around 9 plus. We did not want to take a cab as we were not familiar with the area. The idea was further put away after hearing all the horror stories on how taxi drivers could drop you off in the middle of nowhere. Imagine being dumped in the middle of the road in a place you are not familiar with (overseas) late at night! My friend managed to get her friend to lend us his driver to send us there and back. – SOLVED! 

All thanks to Ade for the arrangement! Friends are important so cherish them. Especially so if you are planning to watch a concert/ sport event at Thailand 😛

With all the roadblocks solved, the rest was easy-breezy.


We arrived at the stadium early to avoid the jam, and to make sure we had plenty of time to take photos.  Me in my Rafa shirt, showing full my support!


The stadium was quite small. Even though I got the 2nd last cat ticket, I still enjoyed quite a good view.

Practice Nadal

The benefit of being punctual; you get to watch the player practice.  Nadal’s practice session.

Rafa n Novak

Djokovic out to join the practice. Note the difference: Nadal came to court with his bag of rackets. Djokovic with only 1 racket in hand.


It was pretty much a one-sided match, with Djokovic wining 6-4, 6-2. Nadal’s practice was even longer than the actual match time.


 On a side note, I was scrolling through my Facebook the other day and I found this!


I can’t believe I have already met my goal for 2015.  How many times have we set the same goal for many years and didn’t achieve it. Feel so proud of myself!

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