Exploring Singapore – Fort Serapong


If you think Singapore is about shopping and modern buildings, then it’s time to explore the undiscovered Singapore.

I joined a Meetup Group, and got a chance to explore Fort Serapong over the weekend. The fort is thought to be build around 1879, it was used as defense by British against other European powers of the region and in World War 2 against the Japanese and finally used by The Singapore Armed Forces as training ground, and eventually was abandoned 1972.IMG_3735 IMG_3743 IMG_3745

The walk was not easy as it required you to walk around the forested area. I felt that I was not well prepared; wearing shorts thus exposing my legs to the hungry mosquitoes.


I will definitely recommend joining a Meetup Group. Not only will you get to know our small island better, you might get a pleasant surprise by capturing a nice photo which you will not be able to get elsewhere.


If you are interested to read more about the historical records on Fort Serapong, there is a thesis online. Interested to join the Meetup Group? Click here.

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