Exploring Brussels over the Weekend

Managed to get a good package to Brussels over the weekend during my short stay in London. So off we go to celebrate my birthday in Brussels!


The package comes with standard premier Eurostar tickets, and it comes with breakfast. Yeah!

IMG_3097 IMG_3099 IMG_3107 IMG_3109 IMG_3115 IMG_3117 IMG_3129

The first day was self-exploring; walking around the city and getting lost. We joined a SANDEMANs Tour on the second day before we returned to London. Highly recommend joining a SANDEMANs Tour if you want to know a city better. Did I mention that the tour is free?  They operate by tipping system; you get to pay how much you feel the tour worth.


Traces of Tintin


When in Brussels, it’s all about good food; beers, fries, chocolates, etc… A special mention on the Godiva’s strawberries dipped chocolate. The strawberries were big and juicy with creamy milk chocolate. Prefect!! Sneakily added in my Eurostar dinner cos it was so good.


That’s all on Brussels. Come visit me soon 😛

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2 Responses to Exploring Brussels over the Weekend

  1. anisa462 says:

    I love the food in Brussels! I hope you had some mussels while you were there!


  2. mindyoxm says:

    Definitely. The mussels were so good that I finished them up before I could take a photo 😛


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